Welcome to the Churubusco History Center



The Churubusco history center is located in beautiful downtown Churubusco, Indiana,  at 108 West Washington. The Churubusco History Center hosts the great history of Churubusco and the surrounding area. The Churubusco History Center contains artifacts and exhibits such as: postcards, signs, advertising items from local businesses, newspapers, photographs, books, Turtle Days items, and much more! Stop on down and check out all the great artifacts that the Churubusco History Center has on display today!

Preserving Churubusco For Future Generations


If you have any Churubusco historical artifacts that you would like to donate to the Churubusco History Center, please contact the History Center at either (260) 693-3862 or (260) 691-2230.

History Center Hours

Hours of Operation are:

Mon: 10 AM - 2 PM
Thur: 10 AM - 2 PM
Last Saturday of the Month from 10-12

For groups interested in a tour during off hours, please call us.

About Us

The Churubusco History Center was started by Chuck Mathieu and Chuck Jones.

  • Our mission is to collect, preserve, and offer local historic artifacts and stories to the public through exhibits, publications, collaboration, research, and educational programs.

Contact Us

If you have any Churubusco historical items you'd like to donate, or you would like a tour or to do research, please contact us. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us by emailing or calling us! Thank you for your support!

Address: 108 W Washington St,
Telephone: (260) 693-3862  or
Telephone: (260) 691-2230
E-mail: bhc@churubusco.net